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Helen's Hill Top Wineries 2021 The Real Review


The story of Helen’s Hill began long before a vine was ever planted in Coldstream. It’s a story of two families with a love of farming and wine running deep in their veins. Having been dragged away from the land, they had always yearned to return to the life that created the fond memories of their youthful years. 

So, when the opportunity arose in 1997 to combine a passion for farming and love of great wine, the Nalder and McIntosh families decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. What you see when you enter the gates today is the product of that passion. A truly family run and owned vineyard with a passion for great viticulture and producing wines of quality and distinction. 



Our philosophy on making wine is simple. We take what Mother Nature gives us. We let the sun, the rain and the soil work its magic. Our small parcel of land in this part of the Yarra Valley is unique, this site cannot be replicated elsewhere and that is what we want you to experience, in both our wine and when you visit us. We take a sustainable and minimalist approach once the fruit hits the winery and we let viticulture guide us to create our two very distinct wine labels. Our Helen’s Hill label is created using special fruit from areas of our vineyard, and is designed to age for a few years before drinking, and our Ingram Road range features riper fruit and is designed to drink now, and this is all thanks to our special microclimates located on the Hill. 


It’s no coincidence we are where we are. We scoured Coldstream in the Yarra Valley to find the perfect site. We were looking for three things - hills, microclimates and the iconic Yarra Valley soil.

The combination of these three factors is why we chose Helen’s Hill to put down our roots, as we knew this climate would make our wines truly interesting and unique to others in the region. To this day, these factors define us and the wines we produce. 

The French call it ‘terroir’. We call it Helen’s Hill. Come and visit our vineyard and you’ll experience the magic yourself.