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New Wave Frontier goes into the wild with Fowles Wine

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Fowles, the wild bunch exudes exuberating Australia’s wilderness of the Strathbogie Ranges in central Victoria, while bringing unmatched opulence to the table. Fowles Wine drips wilderness, wild game and outback lifestyle. At Fowles, they are a motley crew of raconteurs and entrepreneurs, auctioneers, law men, farmers, hunters and finally a notable wine maker, rocking the wine industry down under and the world over with their definitive gaga styles.

Fowles Wine embodies the enchanting outback vibes led by Matt Fowles, who is also the man behind the innovative Ladies who Shoot their Lunch wine – the world's first wine to be blended to complement wild game meat. Fowles Wine is an award-winning family-owned winery that practices sustainable vineyard management; organic fungicides, natural fertilisers and no herbicides or insecticides.

The Strathbogie Ranges sits on an ancient granite soil and giant boulders that are millions of years old with an elevation of over 450 meters above sea level. It has been established as a wine region for nearly half a century and they have masterfully crafted a range of cool climate wines within their five core brands: Are you Game?, Stone Dwellers, Ladies who Shoot their Lunch, the Exception and Upton Run, which are available now at

Calling all wine importers, ‘Are You Game for an Upton Run? From the Stone Dwellers who brought to you, Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch, there’s the Exception to the Rule.’ A must-try wine that you will go gaga over.

Calling all wine importers to savour this wilderness in a glass with a message, ‘Enjoying it responsibly helps us keep it pretty’. We concur.

So, are you game to go into the wild with Fowles Wine?


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