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2019 Wayward Child Serendip

2019 Wayward Child Serendip


Wayward Child Serendip is an unashamed reflection of the country we live in.


We are now four years into an exercise of delving as deep as we can into our vineyard. Serendip is that exercise.


A true essence of our farm and region. Flavours that are an amalgam of where we live and we travel: rose, jasmine, the smell of a hot highway after the rain, tea made from hibiscus and rose hips, fresh red and white currants.

  • Style

    Dry Red

  • Size

    750 ml


  • Packing

    6 bottles per carton


  • Description

    Vintage 2019 – 86% Shiraz whole bunch/14% Pinot Noir

  • Tasting Note


  • Details


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