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Abalone Soup with Ladybell  425G Can

Abalone Soup with Ladybell 425G Can

This herbal soup combines our delicious whole Abalone with Ladybell. Ladybell, also know as Adenophora, has been used traditionally in chinese cooking for generations to aid with the relief of dry coughs, to moisten the lungs and the throat, to strengthen the immune system as well as removing heat from the body.

  • Packing

    425G Can

  • Ingredient

    Whole Abalone 鮑魚

    Ladybell 沙參

    Lotus Plumule 莲子

    Lily Bulb 百合

    Snow Fungus 銀耳(雪耳)

    Yuzhu 玉竹

    Mandarin Peel 陈皮

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