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Ethiopia Tade GG

Ethiopia Tade GG

Specialty imported coffees + Single Origin/Estate + Batch roasted


A lovely washed coffee with diverse fruit flavours. Our sixth year in row stocking and serving this wonderful coffee.


We roast a diverse selection of single origin coffees from around the world. These coffees are roasted for slower brew methods such as filter, Aeropress, and plunger to showcase the amazing variety in flavours, aroma, acidity and body of these coffees.

  • Details

    Special Release

    Single Origin


  • Region

    Sidamo Oromia (Sub region  -  Shakiso)

  • Farm

    Tade GG (Tesfaye Bekele) - Shade grown

  • Altitude

    1850-1950 masl (meters above sea level)

  • Harvest


  • Varietal

    Heirloom varietals

  • Process


  • Aroma

    Floral + Citrus

  • Taste

    Tropical fruits + Apricot + Melon

  • Acidity

    Grape + Lime acidity

  • Body

    Medium Round

  • Aftertaste

    Tropical fruits + Toffee

  • Bean

    Whole bean

  • Serving

    Espresso + Filter

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