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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend

Specialty imported coffees + batch roasted


Variations of this blend appear at several cafes around Melbourne. The blend has once again been awarded a Bronze Medal at the recent Australian International Coffee Awards. The awards recognised its full body, interesting dry finish and pleasant cocoa and fruit flavours.


Winner of numerous medals at both the Australia International Coffee Awards and the Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Awards over the past 10 years. 

  • Details



  • Region

    Blend of 6: 

    Sumatra Wahana Estate

    Ethiopia Burka Natural

    Burundi Kibingo Honey Process 

    Colombia Popayan Washed 

    Brazil Caldas Royale Natural 

    East Timor Washed FTO 

  • Farm


  • Altitude


  • Harvest


  • Varietal


  • Process


  • Aroma

    Chocolate + Tropical fruits

  • Taste

    Rich cocoa + Tropical fruits + Toffee

  • Acidity


  • Body


  • Aftertaste

    Chocolate + Fruit + Toffee

  • Bean

    Whole bean

  • Best Served

    Espresso + FIlter

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