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Stone Dwellers Sparkling Pinot Noir

Stone Dwellers Sparkling Pinot Noir


This wine is rose gold in colour. Pretty aromas of strawberries and cream play with notes of peach and brioche. The palate is lively and effervescent with red berries, stone fruits and a squeeze of fresh citrus acidity.

  • Vintage Conditions


  • Wine Making

    Both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes were harvested in the cool of the night to ensure low fruit temperature to preserve primary fruit flavours. This wine was fermented in high tech sweep arm fermenters to maximise colour and primary fruit flavours. This wine was fermented at 15˚celsius. We chose to use EC1118 yeast because it allows the aroma and flavour of the fruit to speak. As an interesting aside, the EC1118 was originally selected for Champagne ferments and is now one of the most widely used pure yeasts in the world. This wine uses the traditional grapes of Champagne - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – but employs the methods used to make Prosecco to create a fresher style of sparkling wine that shows off the fruit flavour of these two grapes.

  • Wine Analysis

    PH 3.22

    T/A 7.8 g/L

    R/S 12 g/L

    Alc 12.5%

  • Color

    Rose gold

  • Nose

    With slight hues of rose, this lively Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir has a pretty floral and peach nose.


  • Palate

    Stone fruits and citrus notes play on the palate with some hints of strawberry. With a creamy mouse and medium fine bead, this wine is off-dry, balanced and has a lovely fresh finish.

  • Peak Drinking

    Drink now

  • Special Comments

    We choose to seal this sparkling with a crown seal. This closure is the sparkling wine equivalent of a screw cap – it locks in the freshness and there is no risk of cork taint. Some people miss the ‘pop’ of a cork and think the crown seal looks a bit ‘unfinished’ or ‘raw’, but we love the look and, most importantly, it delivers our wine in the best condition possible. We passionately believe (as the science proves) that the crown seal is the best way to lock in freshness and all those delicious bubbles!

  • Food Match

    Serve with Hors d’oeuvre, camembert cheese or smoked mussels.

  • Size



  • Vintage


  • Region

    Central Victoria, Australia 

  • Style


  • Body


  • Grapes

    Pinot Noir 

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