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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

ITALIAN VARIETY: BRACHETTO Did you know Soumah are currently one of only four Australian wineries growing Brachetto? It is an ancient variety dating back to Roman times and is predominantly grown in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. We use our #Brachetto for our Frizzante as well as a still wine that follows the traditional ‘Tranquillo’ method.

For our #BrachettoTranquillo the sweetness is derived from natural fruit sugars that remain after we stop fermentation before the wine is completely dry. What remains is a delightful dessert style wine that is a little lower in alcohol. Pale pink in colour, it has aromas of candied strawberries and mandarin flowers. Delicate flavours of rose petals and strawberries carry through to the palate which finishes with citrus freshness.

Consider pairing our Brachetto Tranquillo with a raspberry and almond tart with mascarpone or a soft, creamy brie with fresh fruit. Simply delicious!

Post's contents credit to Soumah of Yarra Valley


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