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First in Malaysia: Australia's Premier Coffee Company, Grinders Coffee.

SEE IT FIRST HERE! Introducing Australia's premier coffee company.


Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi founded Grinders® Coffee House discovering the secret to good coffee as well as the secret to success. Giancarlo and Rino wanted to bring the authentic taste of European coffee to Australia and the legend was born when they opened Grinders® Coffee House in Lygon Street, Carlton in 1962.

And now, thankfully, Giancarlo and Rino’s dream has been realised due to their hard work and persistence. They started from a very humble beginning. They borrowed money from a friend to buy a roaster, and through their passion and dedication helped to make Grinders® Coffee what is it today - one of the premier coffee companies in Australia, now in Malaysia.

Kick start your coffee business with new brands, new excitement & new revenue. Enquire within at +601116367300 (Malaysia).



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