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Premiering 'The Love Affair Down Under'. First in Malaysia.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

We are fine foods curator, distributor and ambassador of premier brands acclaimed for their qualities in innovation, creativity and sustainability embodiment. In that, we are proud to create a common ground for common goodness, uniting foodies with fine foods alternatives and choices from source to table. With care and passion, we are bringing to you international award-winning and celebrated brands specially curated for the endearment of latest waves, culinary cultures and finest savoury.

With wine, it is about sharing the discovery and journey of taste, sensory, story, passion, culture, history, love and joy in a glass. In collaboration with Australia’s global brands, we strive to connect with the ever-growing like-minded communities and fellow connoisseurs in Malaysia to help spread the love and join us in our campaign to inoculate your local wine scenes with NEW BRAND, NEW EXCITEMENT and NEW REVENUE, especially crucial during this unprecedented time.

Our wine adventure has led to the inevitable pairing of Malaysia's local staple, the beloved Hokkien Noodles. We are stoked with optimism while embracing new norms designed by us to elevate your savoury journey and discovery.

In that, you will expect more development of Asian food and fine wine pairings from us. Stay interconnected with us for more exciting events.


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