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SOUMAH WINES | 95 points for 2019 Equilibrio Chardonnay

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

WINE REVIEW • 2019 Equilibrio Chardonnay, 95 Points

"This is a Chardonnay I always enjoy. Soumah are clever operators and rarely fail to impress. Here is another cracker. Sure, the price point may be out of reach for many, but their entry labels are well worth embracing to get a sneak peek into the delights which await further up the chain.

Tang! That lemony tang! So delicious and I just want to keep going back. Wonderful aromas of flint, figs, cashews, lemon juice and barbecued peach reach out and tug at the heartstrings. Well, they've got mine - again. White nectarines surge through the mouth. There is some weight here, and I love it. Licks of lime cordial and a considered nuttiness. Such a layered wine with a soft vanilla creaminess. Give me more. Nah, give me it all." ~ Qwine Reviews

Post courtesy of Soumah of Yarra Valley

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