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Updated: Jul 16, 2021


We need your help to spread the word about us with your friends who would benefit from our business propositions to expand, diversify and cross-border within Asia Pacific and beyond.

We act as a trade association representing diversified brands and as a trade agent to make the trade and the marketer to promote your brand and an e-commerce accelerator to digitize transborder trade.

The requisite to commence and accelerate transborder trade is a costly, time consuming and challenging affair. Jump on our bandwagon to learn how to escalate your business to the next level by importing and exporting that is hassle-free. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

Happening Now!

Join us in our quest to bring new waves of business to Malaysia, Maldives and Vietnam with new brands, new excitement and new revenue!

Our business is founded with the passion for the pursuit of pleasure. While at it, we have come together to build a launchpad with a passionate mission to share worldly goodness across our interconnected network within Asia Pacific. In that, we endeavor to bring Australia’s finest culinary and unique gastronomy culture to other parts of Asia Pacific and conversely, starting with Malaysia, Vietnam and Maldives, powered by our (CONNECT)2 business philosophy and technology of interconnecting businesses.

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