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The emergence of the Malaysia’s WHITE FLAG MOVEMENT #BENDERAPUTIH  in early June 2021 signifies a heart wrenching symbol of surrender and call for help by fellow embattled Malaysians in distress. The initiative was started by a group of youth in Kuantan who lost a close friend to suicide as a result of severe financial difficulties and the movement rapidly multiplied across Malaysia, foretelling the severity of the problem and the plights of many in crisis.



The Hope Branch of Malaysia needs you! The Hope Branch is our gateway to the pockets of people living in crisis. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty, restore dignity and inspire dreams one community at a time. 


We invite you, fellow Good Samaritans to join us in achieving our missions. Donate today, empower more vulnerable communities. 

Covid-19 Support for the Hungry & Distressed - Malaysia

Malaysia - Businesses closed and individuals losing jobs

During the past number of months the government of Malaysia has enforced a series of lockdowns to control the surge of COVID-19 cases, reduce the infections and minimise the death rate. The lockdowns have caused many businesses to be closed and many out of work. More than 300,000 have lost their jobs and it is expected that the number is continue rising as according to some economic resources approximately 90 per cent of small, medium and informal entrepreneurs (SMEs), which account for the employment of 7.3 million people, are at risk of closing down.

It will be a long time before these individuals who have lost their jobs can be absorbed back into the labour market unless and until new businesses are invented and employments are created again.

However, in May 2021 the numbers of new infections in Malaysia has leaped from an average of 5,278 cases a day to an average of 11,655 new cases a day in July 2021, and currently over 20,000 per day. With this unprecedented situation, it does not give any indicative comfort of immediate improvement in the near future coupled with the emergence of the deadly Delta variant.

The White Flag movement – Call for help!

Many families who have lost their income are facing hunger while some due to mental health disorders have resorted to taking their own lives. In June 2021 a group of youth in Kuantan who lost a close friend to suicide as a result of severe financial difficulties started the WHITE FLAG MOVEMENT #BENDERAPUTIH which signifies a symbol of surrender and call for help by fellow Malaysians in distress. The Movement spread rapidly across Malaysia, implicating the severity of the problem and the plights of many in crisis.

Tasha is one of many Malaysians who have put up a white flag and asked for help. Her husband lost his job because of COVID-19 and she has just given birth to her third child. With no income, the couple are doing their best to buy nappies and to feed themselves. "Every day has been a struggle and sometimes I feel like giving up," Tasha said.

Malaysia has been dealing with thousands of COVID-19 cases daily and the nation is facing a mental health crisis due to prolonged restrictions, isolation and loss of loved ones.

The time is now. Here is what we at New Wave Frontier (NWF) are doing

In collaboration with one non-profit organization called The Hope Branch (THB) in Malaysia, we wish to lend a helping hand in their noble humanitarian mission to bring immediate relief to the needy through this fundraising. 100% of this fundraising exercise in the coming 3 months will be channelled to THB to provide humanitarian aid and medical relief to the affected people who are suffering in addition to providing food aid/supplies and healthy meals to the homeless, urban poor and support underprivileged communities. Not only that, THB has given financial aid to 55 individuals/families and helped pay electricity for a few households recently. These assistance will reduce the struggles of low-income families and to give them hope to continue their lives throughout this pandemic.

You can join us to lend a hand

THB receives 400-500 requests per day which they admit is way too high and they are trying very hard to cope with this unprecedented demand. In order for THB to continue its effort to save lives NWF would like to play a role to support this enormous noble effort. Our goal is to collect AUD$4,000.

We would like to reach out to all good Samaritans and humbly appeal for your kind donations which will go towards easing the hardship of the underprivileged communities in Malaysia. One good deed at a time and it might save a family or a distressed soul.

Let's donate

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5 simple steps

You can now donate with 5 simple steps:


  1. Go to the fundraising site at CHUFFED.ORG as above, look for the pink button, 'Donate Now;

  2. Select payment method either Debit/Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex); 

  3. Select a currency of choice and amount (including  AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, USD);

  4. Fill up your details; and

  5. Complete payment information in secured payment gateway.


Terms of Service and Transaction Fee applies

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Go to our Fundraising Official Page

our mission

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In collaboration with The Hope Branch of Malaysia, we are gratified to lend a helping hand in their noble humanitarian mission to bring immediate relief to the needy. It is more important now than ever that we would like to appeal for a simple act of kindness. We are reaching out to all Good Samaritans to spare some thoughts and time for the underprivileged and marginalised communities in Malaysia.

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Let's Donate

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