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FUNDRAISING | White Flag Movement in Malaysia

Giving Hope

We are collaborating with The Hope Branch of Malaysia and we would like to invite you, fellow Good Samaritans to join us in our important fundraising campaign.

The Hope Branch

The Hope Branch is a philanthropy initiative founded by the notable Harith Iskander, to steadfastly raise funds and effectively channel reliefs for those living in distress caused by the unprecedented Covid19 Pandemic in Malaysia.

Content courtesy of The Hope Branch

White Flag Movement

With the emergence of the White Flag Movement in Malaysia, they have partnered with KitaJagaKita (Malaysians helping Malaysians) Initiative to bring immediate relief to the identified communities living in despair.

The Time is Now

It is more important now than ever that we seek your kindness in sparing some thoughts and time to come together to champion this humanitarian cause, ONE GOOD DEED AT A TIME and every bit counts. In this time of need, your contributions may be in the form of monetary donation or any donation-in--kind.

Talk to us to know more. Perform a simple act of kindness today.



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