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VIETNAM | Xin Chào Việt Nam! Here we come

"Samples checked, shipment checked."

Australia's wines are currently commanding 11% market share of Vietnam's total wine imports as of 2020 and Vietnam's market is classified in the Wine Intelligence 2020 Global Compass as a ‘new emerging’ market with rapid growth potential.

We, at Frontier Wine of New Wave Frontier, are proud that our batch of wine sample is ready for its maiden flight to greet our client in Ho Chi Minh city. Savoury awaits our Vietnam client and its customers as they embark on their journey to discover Australia's Finest with NEW BRANDS, NEW EXCITEMENT AND NEW REVENUE!

Many thanks to our wineries namely Soumah of Yarra Valley, Helen's Hill Estate, Fowles Wine, Rob Dolan and Helen & Joey Estate for this specially curated selection for the Vietnam market. We are indeed excited!

We know that securing an agency with a new overseas winery is a costly, time-consuming and challenging affair and especially so during this unprecedented pandemic time.

We have the solutions you may be looking for. Talk to us to learn more.


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